Sunday, November 9, 2008

The old place to eat.

two weeks ago, we (my family, brother and sister together with their loved ones)Went to an old place, a place were we used to eat when we were still teens, There's not much change around, only the prices of the food. But the food still taste great.

When we were still young( i mean teens) and we wanted to eat, we usually go to this place because it's cheap and not very pricey. And the food taste really great. This is not a fine dine in, nor a fast food chain. It's just one of the food place that you may found just around the corner. But actually, It's quite far from our house. My brother just like to drive us there. It's worth the drive.

If I'm not mistaken the last time i went there was when i was still pregnant with my first daughter. So it was like 5 years ago, I've been so busy, I never had a chance to come by. But their juke box is still alive. Although it doesn't sound really good. I still think it was cool. The sound was really bad, It sounded as if it came from a closed box. Or an old radio. Well, it is old.

The people there were still nice and friendly, but i never had a chance to see the owner, I'm not sure if she's still alive. (kidding!). I'm not very nostalgic type of person, But i do reminisce sometimes.

Like when i went to visit my aunties, I used to lived with them when i was in grades school. And when your young, Houses, buildings, churches etc. seems to be very tall. The feeling i had then was just plain happy and amazed. haaaay.

The picture you see there is my soon to be brother in law, Chris. and he's beside the juke box.

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