Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An ocean park adventure.

Last Sunday We(the whole family) went out to celebrate my parents 30th Anniversary. Remember last time i posted about asking for all of your help? because i ran out of new ideas to celebrate my parents anniversary.

I want to thank everyone who gave their ideas. I really really appreciate it. By the way, We ended up to Ocean Park.

Yes, you heard it right. My father would like to visit something new to him. So , Me and my brothers and sister have decided that it would be nice, if we will treat them to An Ocean Adventure and eat out at the same time.

Although my father thinks it was a little late to go out because it was almost 7pm. We insisted to go out and bring them to the par.

It was first time for my parents to visit it. It was really fun. My children had so much fun looking at different fishes and underwater creatures. My parents had a great time too.

But it was me and my brothers and sisters who had fun taking pictures, click here! click there! click everywhere. The digital camera went off fast because we took so many pictures, funny, serious, silly! everything!

And of course my husband and my children had a great time too, My hubby had a chance to touch one of the shark's back, it was prohibited but he didn't see the sign on the wall. Oh well. My son's eyes were always big. I think he thought that he was in front of a big TV. My daughter already been there so she was like our tour guide. It wasn't really the Ocean Park that made my parents really happy, It was the thought that counts.

By the way, that's my son "Yuri" crawling

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