Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Kimchi trip

Last week, my husband went to Korea for his business/leisure trip. It was his first time to go there, that's why he was so excited and can't wait to visit that country. When he finally went home. He told me a lot of stories that were all very interesting. and of course one of the best thing that he liked about Korea.... was the food of course, He love bulgogi and of course the very spicy Kimchi, I so like bulgogi too but kimchi is not my type, it's the smell that I really can't stand but I tried it before and I know it's good. just not my type, anyway, My husband bought a lot of things as a souvenir and out of curiosity. He bought soju shot glasses and silver chopsticks,

Oh and before that trip.He actually practiced using chopsticks, because he's really not good at it LOL! most of the time they use silver chopsticks in Korean restaurants so he's scared that his food might slipped because he's used to using wooden ones. LOL!
It's already spring season in Korea so no more winter snow. So he's a bit sad. But he told me that he love the weather. It's cold but not freezing cold to a point that he can't enjoy his trip anymore. Next year I really hope that me and my kids would come with him so I would share my kimchi trip too. til next time!

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Oldies but goodies.

Most of the people that had nothing much to do but to spend their time traveling and or just basically staying at home, are the seniors. I have so many friends who still take care of their mommas and papas. I really do admire those seniors who are leaving their life to the fullest.

First, i admire how they are still in good shape and how they take good care of their health. I do believe that maybe these people were health conscious when they were younger. That's why i so admire them a lot. These seniors who still have time to travel and express their love with their partners were just so admiring, I really hope that me and my husband would be just as sweet until the last days of our lives. LOL! Anyway, I also know that some of those people are also enjoying the internet. They too needs a lot of friends to share their greatest experiences and stuff like that. there's a site called seniorchatcity.com that any seniors would definitely enjoy, you can find a Senior Chat Room of course. This site offers them a chance to chat with other seniors,make friends, share experiences, they can even see each other through webcam. And the nicest thing about it is it's absolutely free of charge.

Does your grandpa looking for people who want to share about their experiences during the good old days. Then this is the place to be. You could check this one out.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hangover finalists.

Received this email from a very good friend, thank God I'm not in the finals! LOL!

What exactly is famine?

What exactly is famine? I have heard most of this, way back when i was in high-school When we were talking about world history. My history teacher never failed to explain anything that may sound interesting/unusual/odd or just about anything that needs a lot of explanation. This was one topic that i can still remember how my classmates including me were totally shocked by the truths, and that we have no idea that this was really happening. I really thought it was just some parts of a movie. but it was real. Many parts in the world has suffered from famine, nut of course there were always the other side of the story.

A famine is a widespread shortage of food that may apply to any faunal species, which phenomenon is usually accompanied by regional malnutrition, starvation, epidemic, and increased mortality. Famines in modern time are typically linked to overpopulation, as the number of humans exceeds regional carrying capacity. It has been a source of a mass death for so many places around the world. Like North Korea, Vietnam, India and also the intriguing

Our class then was very interested with this discussion,These problems that occurred in the past, should be just a past and hopefully no more famine problems will occur, the question is. Is that possible? With the world economic crisis, I'm really not sure.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you cry in front of your kids?

Today is one of the days that i really don't like, Today i kind of felt pretty sad about certain things that was happening in the past few weeks, and i can't tell my loved ones about it. I know that every once in a while they read my blog, so sorry sister and brothers, I'm not going into details.

I always show to my family how happy i am for all the blessings that God has given me and My family. Which is very true I'm so blessed. But there are people that are trying to pull me down and make my days so bad. I'm always trying my very best to help my family, my kids and my husband,and i know that I'm not perfect. but i never stop trying to work hard and even harder than i thought. I usually get affected or be emotional by negative things that people say but i never show it. I just keep it to myself and then i know it will pass and then i forget about it. but there are just people who never get's tired to bring me down.

The hardest part? is i don't want my kids to see me crying, I don't want them to see that I'm weak too. It's not always that i can smile with grace.I'm human too. I just hope this feeling subside very very soon,

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ask an expert at MYA.

Have you ever thought of having something new in you? Like a nose lift or a breast implants? I've heard that many people even travel abroad just to get their nose job done perfectly, but is it really worth it? Are you one of those people who are very much afraid to undergo any sorts of surgery but willing to have one. Does your fat giving you too much pressure in your relationships, family and work?

There are so many questions waiting to be answered. My best friend from San Diego has been begging me to ask some professionals because she really wanted to have some breast implants. I told her that i actually found something that will be very helpful to her, especially to all those people seeking for any Cosmetic Surgery Help, In www.mya.co.uk, people are willing to help and listen, just visit the site, and get the answers to all your questions. You should give it a try.

Monday, March 9, 2009

not a typical birthday party.

Yesterday was a very blessed and happy day for me and my family, we celebrated my son's 1st birthday. It was really fun, An i wasn't expecting a lot of people, I mean we invited around 40 guests including our family and relatives. I was very surprised that more people came than i expected around 60 and above. I felt like a true blue mom. Well, My first daughter celebrated her birthday just in our house, it was the time that me and my husband doesn't have much. I would really want to give my daughter a blast but were poor. LOL! I mean i have no work that time and we're short of money, so even if i wanted to give her more, there's nothing more we could give her. But next year she's turning 7 and i wanted to give her "her little girly party, I wanted to do something different and i don't want it to be very typical, I've hosted several birthdays, debut, and wedding celebrations, I want it to be very very different i don't want it to be just like a theme party i wanted it to be more than that. I wanted to be very creative. I still have a year to think and look for a lot of things creative. I would be very open to any suggestion on how to make my daughter's birthday really something. it's her 7th hope you could give me any suggestions many thanks guys!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beauty products that are safe for mommy and baby.

When i was pregnant just a year ago, One of my major problems was knowing that all the products I use was safe for my baby that was still of course in my tummy. I heard that a lot of pregnant women had birth problems and sometimes their babies has birth defects due to wrong medication, they were exposed to different chemicals that they weren't had any idea that they were exposed into it.

And as a pregnant mom I've always wanted to stay beautiful, but I have doubts with some cosmetics and other beauty products. I was one of the people who aren't very sure how safe those beauty products are to me and to my baby. Especially when I heard that a lot of beauty products has lead content. So scary. But now there are beauty products that not only will help you to look good, make you beautiful but it is also safe to all the mommies and the babies in their tummies.

I really hope that i saw this before. It's called beautydemaman.com
all of the products from that company are all made especially for pregnant women who are afraid to use any cremes or facial products because of the harsh chemicals that are found in some popular brands. Beaute de Maman actually helps you to look good and feel good without worrying about your baby's health. they got products such as face and body cream and stretch mark cream.

So for all the expectant mommies out there, what are you waiting for? order now you will be glad you did.


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