Friday, November 21, 2008

"I am the star" trip

Yesterday, was a very fun day for me and my daughter. It was her Educational field trip and My daughter had so much fun. I'm happier whenever i see my children laughing and having so much fun.

A month before the said trip my daughter kept pushing me to pay the fee. I told her that the trip was still next month. She is just so excited, and couldn't wait to go to the Ocean Park. It was her first time to go there, and mine too hahaha!

My daughter is so silly. Last week, She told her teacher and all of her classmates that she can't come to the field trip. Her teacher felt bad about it, because they wanted all the students to come. It's not about the fee. It's about the experiences that classrooms can't give. My daughter's nanny immediately told me that her teacher was surprised when she pay the for the fee.

I asked her why did she tell her teacher and her classmates that she can't go. She told me "because i want them all to think that i will not come, So if I'll arrived on the day of the trip. They will be surprised and happy to see me at the last minute." Oh well, She just love to be the center of attraction.

My daughter just love it when she always get all the attention. She is the first grad daughter in both sides of the family, So she is like the princess of the family. But i always make sure that things aren't always like that. I don't want her to grow up knowing that she is always the star. Especially right now that she has a baby brother. I'm always trying to teach her to be a good responsible and loving big sister

That's Gwen my daughter (left) with her best friend Mikaela

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I have to say she is darling and very funny-sounds like my little Ava!! Glad you had a nice time at the field trip.

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