Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still renting but happy.

We just moved to our new house last Friday, That's why ive' been busy these past few days of packing and then unpacking. The house has it's own beauty, it's really nice and i like it. But the downside of this is.. we're still renting, My husband and i are still saving more to get our own house.

I felt bad because our main goal for this year is to finally have our own house, but because i just gave birth to my baby boy last March. It was hard for us to purchase our dream house. So again i have to wait for next year. and again i hope that it will really be next year and not the next year, the following year, or after two years.

I can really feel how hard it is to live nowadays, raise two kids and be the best mom at the same time. but no matter how hard it is. I will still do my best for my family's happiness. And i know that a lot of parents nowadays are feeling the same way as i do. I still considered myself very lucky to have my children, my very loving husband and our cozy house.

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cherryfe said...

we have the same status pala. we're still renting too! hoping for dream house next year. . .=)

aybi said...

i know it's hard nowadays hope our dream house we'll come to life next year!

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