Sunday, August 31, 2008

Meet the parents: Not about this movie

Meet the Parentsnope. it's not about this movie It's a fun-filled Sunday with my family.
My sister had finally brought her boyfriend in our house.(Meet the parents!(wahoo) Everybody was so excited. Except my dad of course. I remembered the day when my husband first came into our house.(sigh)

Her boyfriend came with a box of cake(nice one!) although my dad wasn't home yet. I can sense his uneasiness and his eagerness all rolled into one very nice looking young man. (oh, i bet I'm going to have another cake.) He's wearing a tucked in, rolled, long sleeves, well-tailored pants and shiny shoes. Most guys nowadays won't even bother to wear presentable clothes when meeting the parents of their girlfriends. It may sound too formal, but it's ok it's Sunday.

And so while waiting for my parents, we had fun by singing with a videoke microphone ( it's a wireless microphone plugged into your TV so you could start singing like in a karaoke bar. We had a some sort of a singing competition (duets) . So the groups are : me and my husband (yay!) My brother and her girlfriend (Jay and J.I.). And my sister and her boyfriend (Mya and Chris). The competition was so tight! The air conditioner was no use at all. All the scores we had were the same(100). Until after few songs when Jay and jerese got 97 and sis and chris got 99 . Woohooh!

And the winner is..(drum roll).no need to say it. hahaha! "Until next time my bro and sis and to your partners" (yaya you're such a looser!) hahaha just kiddin'(i hope our youngest will be there next time) Oh well, What's important is we had a great time. And i really had a great time. and then my parents came home,He met my mom (who was just all smiles and so supportive and happy) And then came my dad....(scary. hahaha!)

So Cris and my dad finally started talking. (it seems like a job interview too me) and he passed!! hahaha!) I'm happy for my sister. Having a father like ours is really tough but not to mention his funny too. Yikes! it's time for work. gotta go! till next time.

Here's my beautiful sis and chris

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chubby cheeks!

I just gave birth last march and my son is just so adorable, but when i saw these pictures, My Son's cheeks looked smaller. oh dear you gotta see these, and take note of the last one.

last one is the ultimate.

Hope it made your day!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michael V. on the cover of Reader's Digest

i just want to share this to everyone. I just love watching gag shows and other comedy shows. Even when i was still young, i still remember that i used to watch kenan and kel and all that when i was young. And of course my favorites " friends" and That 70's show.

But in our country there's a lot of comedy shows but there's only one that i wouldn't miss it's "bubble gang". It's a gag show headed by my Michael V. And speaking of Michael V. I am such a big fan because he is so damn good. Totally hilarious guy. He always create English music videos that was translated in Tagalog (literally translate it) and he is so good whenever he impersonate different celebrities. And one thing that i admire about him is that he also won as best comedy actor in Asian TV awards if I'm not mistaken he won three times( let me think... yeah 3x).

I was so surprised to hear that he made it to the cover of reader's digest.
In the Philippines, there is only one person who got into the cover of reader's digest. The former president Corazon Aquino. And now he is the 2nd Filipino who made it. It's their 5th annual humor special. So you better grab a copy while it lasts.

If you have any idea who he is then try to visit you tube and just type his name and there you go. Congratulations Bitoy!!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Michael Phelps and Miguel Molina, Modern day heroes

My husband used to be a swimmer in our University, you heard it right a varsity swimmer. Although at that time i wasn't such a big fan of our School's swimming team because i was focused in our Basketball team. Oh yes, i love basketball. although I'm not so good at it. I always make sure that i get to watch our school team. An i watch NBA to and PBA (our local Basketball Association)

I felt that my husband is missing so much of his swimming days and i can see it whenever he heard see anything about swimming. Locally, our very own Miguel Molina is already one of the best swimmers in our time. He represented our country in the Olympics. But unfortunately he didn't make it to the finals. My husband felt bad about it, He even told me that he had high hopes with Molina. And he knows that he can do it. But when the competitions started. Molina wasn't fast enough compared to other swimmers form other countries. I can see how sad my husband face turned. I was really praying he would win but again, There are winners there losers, but for me and my husband Miguel Molina is still one of the very best.

But that's not the end of the story, My husband followed the whole swimming competitions until it reached the finals. And guess what, My husband has a new hero. I'd like to use the word hero for he always look up to best swimmers as heroes.Of course who else.. Michael Phelps, We heard about him before but we were never amazed when we saw how he won on TV. My husband found a new hero and because of this he and my kids will return to the pool this summer. I believe in my husband and i believe that soon one of my kids will be as good as their father. or even better. Cheers to Molina and Phelps!

Monday, August 18, 2008

8 reasons not to drink with friends

As i was deleting my email inbox (that wasn't deleted for ages) i came across an old email and
before i deleted it i just want to share it with you guys! have a nice day

So the next time you're going out with your friends. Think again!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My top ten best chocolates of all time

For the love of chocolate, I've always been a chocolate addict since i was a kid, and i just can't stop eating those precious little dark sweets that melts in your mouth. Oh my. But as i grow up i tried not to eat too much of these sweets because i became health conscious. I think i love fruit smoothies now more than chocolates. But whenever i still have the chance to eat chocolates i still do but of course with limitations. For those who are still obsessed with these brown wonders. Here are My Top Ten best chocolates of all time. I didn't include high-end chocolates. I will try to make another list for those.

# 10 Kitkat- This is just one of the chocolates that I've loved since i was 6th grade. It wasn't popular then but my classmate insisted that it was good. The very first time i tasted it, It was good. but now i can taste a big difference, i don't know if it's me or the taste changed.

# 9 Curly tops- for those who haven't heard of it, it's beacuse it's only in the Philippines. well, I don't know if they export it. This chocolate is not super delicious but there is something about this chocolate that i like. If you haven't seen one,you can check it on:

#8 Meiji black - This dark chocolate from Meiji is one of the chocolates that lasts in my fridge. because i don't need to eat it in just one sitting. A small piece is enough for a day.

#7 Snickers - one of my high school favorites, i used to tell myself that too much of this is too much... fat. but this old school favorite is # 7 on my list.

#6 Nestle Crunch- I just love this chocolate not to mention the ridges of the candy bar. A combination of just crisped rice and milk chocolate is already a pleasure.

# 5 Hershey's Cookies and cream - this is already a classic to me, whenever i feel like eating white chocolate with a twist of cookie i just grab this candy and off i go.

#4 Cadbury Time out- yes the kitkat version of Cadbury. But there is a big difference of course... its the wafer.

#3 Hershey's Kisses extra creamy with almonds- this is just the right size to share to everybody and the smooth chocolate is just pure pleasure.

#2 Ferrero Rocher- i love the hazel nut and the smoothness of the chocolate and don't forget the wafer.. again wafers in chocolates are such a hit on me.

#1 M & M's - This is just one of the chocolates that i just can't stop eating.. Once you started you just keep going and going but now that I'm more on conscious about my health and body. I miss this colorful candy.

Breast feeding: The benefits that won't hurt

For all the moms who are afraid to start breast feeding, read this:

I used to be one of those moms who are afraid to breastfeed. Not only that i heard it'll hurt but i'm also afraid that my breasts will sag. So in my first baby, I tried it for two weeks and i easily give up just like that. Because nobody is pushing me to breastfeed( only my doctor. She tried her best to encourage me but she never succeeded.) I was 22 then, and i was planning not to breast feed my first born so i didn't research or even ask my relatives what are the benefits of breast feeding.

Now, i regret it. my daughter who is now 5 years old is always a target of colds, cough, fever etc. She is smart and cute but she can easily get sick and i mean easily get sick. In her first 2 years she is always in bed crying. I often gave her vitamins and or medicines, but only after a month or two she is sick again. She has been hospitalized twice in her first 3 years. She developed fear of doctors because of this. And it's all my fault. Although she is now getting better every year i still thought that i should've breastfed her.

So when my second baby arrived. I initially breastfed him from the day he came. I was worried that he might be like her elder sister. So i never had second thoughts. It was painful at first. Specially my first few weeks. And i usually had a fever whenever it's swollen. But now I'm used to it and i feel no pain.I only feel happiness and everything is all worth it. Here are the latest evidence that breast feeding is the best!

  • Aside from helping our child's immune system to make it stronger, it also
  • Prevents babies from getting infected to some diseases, because there are compounds in breast milk that prevents infections that can't be found in cow's milk.
  • a stronger parent-child bond.
  • children who are breast-fed seem to cope with stress and anxiety more effectively when they reach school age.

These benefits are not only physically, mentally but also emotionally. I should've done my homework in my first pregnancy. Oh well, At least i'm happy now and I'm sharing i with you

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's new babies

I think i am one of the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie from her very first movie that i saw. And i just love her and Brad Pitt's new bundles of joy. Here are their new babies.In the pictures that worth $14 million: Pictures courtesy of my good friend Ella, ei ei, under my umbrella ella.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The mummy 2008 reviews

I just saw the movie " the mummy" last week. I've always wanted to see this movie because i like the first two mummy movies. and it was really funny. Bu i don't think it was hell of a ride this time. This is just my opinion.

Honestly speaking, I was kind of disappointed, Maybe because i expected too much. Well i just like the first two ones that's all. First, it wasn't Rachel Weisz who play Mrs. Evie O'connel anymore. Although Maria Bello's acting was OK for me. I just thought that Ms. Weisz would've played the character better, The special effects is still spectacular but the story is just too light for me, i was looking for something else like i always do in other mummy movies, but i didn't find it this time. It seems like the movie started nicely but ended up with a lot of questions in my mind.

But there still one thing that made me like this movie after all. Its the Humor and Jonathan is still funny although i still think they should add more funny lines or parts to balance adventure comedy. I thought the movie still has story to tell but it ended so fast. The characters needed more connection. I dunno maybe it's just me.

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