Sunday, October 25, 2009

Different types of people # 1 "the perfect one"

Sometimes I wonder how some people destroy other people's lives and make it a living hell in their own mediocre way. Right sis?!!! Come on! The world we live in is far from perfection but why some people born to be so Freakin' perfect?! So scary?!!.......... NOT!! I just felt bad for the little ones that they think they can play and bullied. Well, Guess what? For those all of you unkind-perfect-self centered bastards. You're just doing this because you have your own insecurities hiding under your skin and tried to just let people show that your far better from the others.

Go ahead ask your parents? Why were you like that? or maybe go back in time, check how you were brought in this world, Are your parents too good too be true? or maybe they were just like the ordinary parents who love their children so much, It's just that you've placed yourself in the box thinking that it would be better if you will just follow your own rules, in your own smart-ass world. I'm sorry. I'm not perfect. excuse me for my words. Ok here's the thing. You are human, unless you were from planet-X trying to pretend that you are one of us. GotchA! LOL!

This is just my opinion alright, I got bunch of semi-perfect, crazy, mute, lazy-asses, too much too handle, normal, abnormal friends as well. We all have that, right? These kind of people were all both acceptable and unacceptable in this world. And we still love them for that. Now those people who find this post like a bullet that went straight right into your head, or you just want to correct my poor English and make this article a "mistake-free" Then you are probably Sheldon of the big bang theory. But even Sheldon is loved by his wonderful geeky friends. Why? because everyone has a soft side. So yes there is still hope.
Hey you!! you got served!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

I miss my baby

It's been two weeks since I last posted. My nanny quit last week and I have to work and take care of my kids more than everb. It was really tiring but It was all worth it. The only problem was that every night I have to leave them to my parent's house and then pick them up in the morning. It was kind of hard to do this everyday. But this is for my kids sake.

My husband decided to ask my mother-in-law to take care of our youngest, It was ok, I have nothing against it. We used to do that with my eldest before, when she was younger. It's just that this would be the first time for my youngest to be away with me for a very long time. So I felt very sad and I missed him already. Sometimes I wish I'm not working. or I will just stay at home. But that wouldn't be helpful to us financially. SO yes, I'll just pray to GOd that he would take care of us. I miss Eouri so much WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH~~!
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another talent show.

It's another talent show, This is not the first time that my daughter joined the talent contest at school, She always wanted to dance. She loves to dance and I'm so proud of her, but i noticed that almost 80% of the students who joined danced. All those students lost the talent contest. Yes that includes my daughter. It was ok for her no hurt feelings at all.

This November is another talent show and she wanted to dance again, I don't want her to get dissapointed again, so I was thinking if she could do another thing instead of dancing. I noticed how good my daughter when it comes to mimic those harry potter characters, i was thinking ... what if she could tell a story in that wonderful accent? It's my goal this week to look for a story that would perfectly match that new found skill... LOL! good luck to us
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Friday, October 2, 2009

The Sweet Mooncake.

Just today we received another mooncake from our Chinese friends. I'm really not a big fan of this delicacy, but I can tell that the one we received today taste deliciously good. It was like a tasty bread with different sweet fillings inside.

But do you really have an idea why they call this thing a moon cake? I mean why not sunny cake? or why not sweet bread? Chinese bread? The moon cake is related to the mid-autumn festival that Chinese and Taiwanese usually celebrates around August of the Lunar Calendar. Tomorrow my students and the rest of the Chinese people will celebrate this big important festival. In Taiwan they usually spend their time having a barbecue from afternoon til evening. And yes they usually buy and give moon cakes to each one another.

Well, I'm not a researcher or anything but based on my students this festival is one of the 3 most important holidays to the Chinese/Taiwanese. Moon cakes are made of salted egg yolks with different sweet fillings. Well before it used to be just the plain round bread with Chinese characters on it. But now it has different varieties, shapes and flavors. And it also comes with different and very artistic boxes and packaging.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look what "Ketsana" left us!

The typhoon "Ketsana" still remains not only in the memories of the people in our country, but also remains on the streets, houses, schools, offices, shops etc. everywhere you go. You can see the nightmare that "ketsana brought. This is one of the hardest scenes in the Philippines for a long time now. This month-worth of rain is really the most of all for many years.

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