Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucky tropical country.

I love my country no matter what other people say. but there is something that my daughter hoped we have. .. winter.
Living in a tropical country has great positive things. Only rain or shine. I'm not a big fan of the rain. but This is the best weather for my husband. My hubby loves rain so much... why? Oh there's a lot of tings that makes rain a winner for my husband.

  • Rain makes cold nights colder
  • He can drink hot coffee, tea, coco with pleasure.
  • It makes the family complete. My husband said when it rains, most families like us just stay at home and spend a lot of time together. Especially when the rain is strong, we all just stay in one place and talk and laugh. I like that, He loves it.
  • We can watch movies together
  • He and my children like to stay under the sheets and play.
  • If it rains in the afternoon, we could all go out and just bathe in the rain
  • He could wear his nice jackets everywhere
  • Saves on electricity. you don't need to turn on the aircon or fan.

My husband like summer, but i love it more .. why?

  • It dries up my clothes really fast and it smells good. (just don't let it stay for long)
  • I can make different fruit smoothies/ shakes/ cold drinks and share it to my family.
  • Beach! Beach! beach! Oh yes i love swimming
  • Flip flops is like a necessity
  • Oooh Ice cream, it melts fast so you have to eat it fast.
  • Nice tanned skin
  • Cotton clothes every time

My daughter is always hoping that we have winter because she wants to make snowman and she likes to wear mittens. And wish to have a white christmas. But there are also days that she think she's lucky of living in a country with no winter..." At least i won't catch a cold mom" She hates it when she's sick. She can't go out and play.

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