Monday, November 10, 2008

Enveloped Ideas.

the late Teddy Diaz, one of The Dawn's foundin...Image via WikipediaI just want to take a break from the usual post and give you this.This is one of my favorite songs of all time. And i just want to share it to all of you, To pay tribute to Mr. Teddy Diaz the former lead guitarist of the dawn.

Enveloped Ideas
The dawn

Singing out my enveloped ideas
Doesn’t seem all too bad
Hoping it would be easier
To sing out my enveloped ideas

Stanza I:
T0rying pointlessly to understand
Having nothing to say
Just shadows what remains boy Inside
This is called is what my envelope ideas

Singing out my envelope ideas
Doesn’t seem all too bad
Hoping it would be easier
To sing out my enveloped ideas

Stanza II:
Why should I carry this platter? (platter)
Didn’t it just pass me by? (by…)
And does one cling right on the edge? (the edge)
I have an empty dream, this here my ideas.

Repeat Chorus

Rock on!

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cherryfe said...

had seen the tribute of jay taruc last night about teddy, feel sad to what happen to him...

bem said...

tx for the drop. i luv that song. teddy was a schoolmate in college. you know what, i chanced upon a show on tv5 (i think) starring all members of the dawn. i think they dramatized what happened to the band. their struggles, esp when teddy died - how it affected each of them.

aybi said...

Cherry, that is actually the reason why i remember teddy again. And Bem, I saw that too, It was an Indie film way back 2006. I forgot the title but it was Ping Medina who played the role of Teddy

Jody Donnelly said...

Hey, Sweetie

I would like to thank that I have nominated you for the Butterfly Award on my blog. Congratulations with this, your blog deserves it

Hugs and kisses

aybi said...

thanks Jodie, i like your blog. you also deserves that award. GOd bless!

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