Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year.... New Beginning.

Time flies, and i mean really really fast, I'm so excited with this new year, Although there are many competitions I've decided to have my own business. AN online store for perfumes and secret lens.

I was thinking of selling clothes then. And I'm still thinking if i will pursue.But for now I've decided to go with the perfumes and Contact lens, But then again I was also thinking of dropping the perfumes as well. But My husband told me to just let it stay for a while and check how it will go after a month or two.

I actually fell in love with these Authentic Korean Contact lens. Also known as the secret lens because they were once the secret lens for Korean and Japanese Actors to have those bigger brighter beautiful eyes.

I haven't opened my online store yet i just had soft opening for my facebook friends and so far it was doing good. You can check it out for yourself. Xend Express has International shipping so I guess I can go international (crossing my fingers) HAppy new year to all!
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