Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nanny Rose sticks and pulls and Black pearl in Watsons.

I was so into online shopping since the day I got my hands with this keyboard hahaha! I think I ordered almost all sorts of stuff sold online..(crazy??!) perfume, food, soaps, clothes, chocolates. make-up. Name It, I probably bought one online lol! and the shipping has not been always been kind to me. There were many times that my package would be delayed, Or the messenger is lost. which is absolutely one of the most absurd reason they gave to me. They were just probably lazy to look for the address and just continue looking for my house the following day. Arrrgh!(pirate? lol)

Ok so now I don't need to worry about that. why? because two of my favorite things are now sold at WATSONS! Yay! When I saw my fave stuffs.. I was like.. Finally!. I don't need to transfer money just to pay, or walk to the bank. I just need to go straight to watsons and whoala! i got it without delays and inconvenience. Ok so you maybe asking what are those stuffs that i got?

First fave...
I have been addicted to this soap that i have been using for years now, It's the black pearl soap from Cyleina. I don't really have the whitest skin but this soap maintains my fairest. papaya soap, kojic, name it ... it didn't work for me.. hahaha! anyways. I just love how this soap works better than those expensive branded ones that will just leave your skin super dry. geesh!

Another fave of mine is the sugar wax. Ever since I started using this(sold-online sugar wax) I was very very impressed. I used to shave a lot but it does leave me with cuts and such. And so in 2010 I've decided to try waxing. And although there were so many painful reviews about it hahaha!, I chose to try to cold wax. Yes it did hurt a bit. but not like those in the movies that they would cry the hell out of themselves... well, maybe if I will try the brazilian hahaha! anyways, I have been buying this sugar wax online.. ...that I wouldn't like to name because I've been loyal to it but now I'm dumping it to a cheaper and better one. hahaha! It's actually very good. But I never thought that I would find something better and cheaper!! yes you heard that right!

I so love Nanny Rose hot and cold wax.I got it for P99.oo only. Now, just for those who haven't tried cold wax before, you should learn it's how to's first, maybe try to watch some you tube videos. Why? nanny rose only have steps on how to use the hot wax. which I never tried. But didn't have the steps for cold wax.. It's actually very simple. but it might take some time before you get the hang of it. Really depends. but for me.. this is the best so far.!

there you have it.. Now I have more reasons to stop my online shopping addiction! or maybe not! hahaha!

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