Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gift pens on christmas.

Many of us are having the same problems every christmas, and that! Oh yes, The first person who is currently suffering from this is my husband, It's so funny how he wrote the list of all the people he needed to give presents, if you will only see how ugly his list is. Full of erasures, changed names, changed gifts, checked marks, unchecked marks etc.

He has so many things in his mind and i don't want him to suffer just because he can't find the right presents. As a newly promoted Manager in his company. He is kind of pressured on what to give to many of her staffs and colleagues. He doesn't like to give gifts that is expensive and then later on wouldn't be useful to them.

I gave him this wonderful idea of giving out personalized pens to all of his co-workers. He so loved that idea. Not only this is useful it has a personal touch, your name is engraved. I showed him the gift pens that are sold at gift, He got even more excited when he saw their wide range of personalized items like watches and leather items. They have cross watches and other trusted brands so you have many And it's free engraving, so what more could you ask for? you gotta see for your self.

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