Saturday, November 29, 2008

The smell of the morning.

Basta 'na jurnata 'e soleImage by Kintaro Oe ☮ via FlickrEver since i started working at home, I never had a really good chance to wake up very early like around 5am til 5:30. Because my job requires me to work late in the evening.

I always woke up around 8am. And i miss the smell of the morning breeze. (sigh) So tomorrow I'll go to Church and attend the first and earliest Church Worship service. I haven't attended the earliest time for quite a long time, so I'm very excited.

I'll smell the morning breeze again, the trees, everything. I can't wait. Blessed weekend to all!
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Work boots at its lowest prices.

My best friend Ryan is currently serving the US Military, and we just talked yesterday, I was hoping that i could ask him what he wanted for Christmas, It wasn't that hard for me to think of a gift for him. Because ever since high school. All he wanted was something useful. I wanted to buy a really nice pair of boots for him. He's been working so hard and this is just what he needed.

Then i came across this site Work boots U.S.A, and check out 511 Tactical.They got really great stuff especially for those who have friends and families who work in the Military. They have tactical gears such as shirts, watches, pants etc.

They got excellent products that enhance the safety, accuracy, speed and performance of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals. Even those guys who don't work for the military may find this really nice and useful.

And of course they have work boots in many different brands, like CAT,Converse,Timberland and much more.They ship for free in US.

And what's best about it is their prices are the lowest around. No matter what your job is...Military,Construction etc. as long as you need quality foot protection You better check this out!

Now, i just got an excellent idea!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rick Astley's Cry for help.

Just this morning, as i was watching Music Videos, I happened to watched Rick Astley Music bio. It was really great, I'm a little shy to admit that i once enjoyed his songs and dance with it when i was still a kid. Oh yes, I love his songs and he's so cute, especially his younger years. (well, he's still cute but older of course)

When i was in grade school, I love dance and pop songs, but as i grow up, it changed. I found myself more into ballads and R&b, Maybe i think most people do change as they aged. Their likes, their tastes, their music, everything.

I have so many favorite songs when i was young but there was this one song that whenever i hear it, It always shift my mood, i don't know. if I'm being nostalgic or something. but it's like I'm in that year again, old house, very young, old TV,funny clothes, funny hair, fresh air. I just feel like I'm there the 80's.

and that song is none other than "cry for help" by rick Astley. Why don't you try to listen again and then tell me, does it bring back your memories ?. I love the sound of the choir in the chorus.I'm not a big fan of Rick Astley, but its his songs that i cant' forget.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An ocean park adventure.

Last Sunday We(the whole family) went out to celebrate my parents 30th Anniversary. Remember last time i posted about asking for all of your help? because i ran out of new ideas to celebrate my parents anniversary.

I want to thank everyone who gave their ideas. I really really appreciate it. By the way, We ended up to Ocean Park.

Yes, you heard it right. My father would like to visit something new to him. So , Me and my brothers and sister have decided that it would be nice, if we will treat them to An Ocean Adventure and eat out at the same time.

Although my father thinks it was a little late to go out because it was almost 7pm. We insisted to go out and bring them to the par.

It was first time for my parents to visit it. It was really fun. My children had so much fun looking at different fishes and underwater creatures. My parents had a great time too.

But it was me and my brothers and sisters who had fun taking pictures, click here! click there! click everywhere. The digital camera went off fast because we took so many pictures, funny, serious, silly! everything!

And of course my husband and my children had a great time too, My hubby had a chance to touch one of the shark's back, it was prohibited but he didn't see the sign on the wall. Oh well. My son's eyes were always big. I think he thought that he was in front of a big TV. My daughter already been there so she was like our tour guide. It wasn't really the Ocean Park that made my parents really happy, It was the thought that counts.

By the way, that's my son "Yuri" crawling

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Espindle. A new way of learning English vocabulary

vocabulary learning

As a teacher I've always encounter different problems with my students, but one of the major problems that all teachers have had with their students are Vocabularies. I do believe that dictionaries are good.

But not all students really understand those words that easily. And most of them are also having a hard time with spelling and application of those English words.

Words are the building blocks of your life.
A strong vocabulary empowers you to think, learn, read, write, and speak with ease.I agree with this message from espindle.

There's a site that i found and i gotta share it to all of you, because it is one of the easiest, and for me one of the most effective program today. If you are looking for something to help you to enhance your vocabulary.Or you want a program that will suit not only your child's needs but for you self too. Here's something to look for and check out. It's called Espindle.

Many people think that there are many ways to learn vocabularies, but you are just so busy and have no time. Well this program will actually help you. Aside from the program It also has effective coaching that is always ready to help you anytime anywhere. And another good thing is that you can try this for free.

Oh yes you can try this program for free for 10 days. Try it and you are on your way to your vocabulary and spelling confidence!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

"I am the star" trip

Yesterday, was a very fun day for me and my daughter. It was her Educational field trip and My daughter had so much fun. I'm happier whenever i see my children laughing and having so much fun.

A month before the said trip my daughter kept pushing me to pay the fee. I told her that the trip was still next month. She is just so excited, and couldn't wait to go to the Ocean Park. It was her first time to go there, and mine too hahaha!

My daughter is so silly. Last week, She told her teacher and all of her classmates that she can't come to the field trip. Her teacher felt bad about it, because they wanted all the students to come. It's not about the fee. It's about the experiences that classrooms can't give. My daughter's nanny immediately told me that her teacher was surprised when she pay the for the fee.

I asked her why did she tell her teacher and her classmates that she can't go. She told me "because i want them all to think that i will not come, So if I'll arrived on the day of the trip. They will be surprised and happy to see me at the last minute." Oh well, She just love to be the center of attraction.

My daughter just love it when she always get all the attention. She is the first grad daughter in both sides of the family, So she is like the princess of the family. But i always make sure that things aren't always like that. I don't want her to grow up knowing that she is always the star. Especially right now that she has a baby brother. I'm always trying to teach her to be a good responsible and loving big sister

That's Gwen my daughter (left) with her best friend Mikaela

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still renting but happy.

We just moved to our new house last Friday, That's why ive' been busy these past few days of packing and then unpacking. The house has it's own beauty, it's really nice and i like it. But the downside of this is.. we're still renting, My husband and i are still saving more to get our own house.

I felt bad because our main goal for this year is to finally have our own house, but because i just gave birth to my baby boy last March. It was hard for us to purchase our dream house. So again i have to wait for next year. and again i hope that it will really be next year and not the next year, the following year, or after two years.

I can really feel how hard it is to live nowadays, raise two kids and be the best mom at the same time. but no matter how hard it is. I will still do my best for my family's happiness. And i know that a lot of parents nowadays are feeling the same way as i do. I still considered myself very lucky to have my children, my very loving husband and our cozy house.

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Gift pens on christmas.

Many of us are having the same problems every christmas, and that! Oh yes, The first person who is currently suffering from this is my husband, It's so funny how he wrote the list of all the people he needed to give presents, if you will only see how ugly his list is. Full of erasures, changed names, changed gifts, checked marks, unchecked marks etc.

He has so many things in his mind and i don't want him to suffer just because he can't find the right presents. As a newly promoted Manager in his company. He is kind of pressured on what to give to many of her staffs and colleagues. He doesn't like to give gifts that is expensive and then later on wouldn't be useful to them.

I gave him this wonderful idea of giving out personalized pens to all of his co-workers. He so loved that idea. Not only this is useful it has a personal touch, your name is engraved. I showed him the gift pens that are sold at gift, He got even more excited when he saw their wide range of personalized items like watches and leather items. They have cross watches and other trusted brands so you have many And it's free engraving, so what more could you ask for? you gotta see for your self.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

China's good news.

Have you ever seen such an amazing picture, that you were totally blown away. I was so astonished when i saw this picture. first and foremost i know that this picture was unedited because it was given to me by one of my nicest and charming student Judy, I was amazed so I'd like to share this picture with you.

This is my student Judy. She once worked in China. She told me about this place in China, I told her that we always hear so many bad news about that beautiful country, Like the lead content found in toys,plastic products and others, The tainted milk, And a lot more. I told her that even though China Made a lot of Gold Medals in the Olympics. People Still tends to look at the negative reports about China,

Although Judy is a Taiwanese. She still believes that there is more about China. And i believe her. I know that the news changed some of my views about that country. But i still believe that there is more to see of that country and that is Jiuzhaigou.

Jiuzhaigou ( ju-zai-gow) Is a valley found in China, It is found in the southern end of Minshan mountain range. Jiuzhaigou means valley of nine villages. I want you to look closely at the picture. and see how crystal clear the water is, actually my student Judy calls it green sea because of its color. But what really amazes me is how you can actually see what lies beneath. and how you can actually see it through Camera lenses. Imagine If your actually there, I'm already planning of visiting this place very very soon.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lucky tropical country.

I love my country no matter what other people say. but there is something that my daughter hoped we have. .. winter.
Living in a tropical country has great positive things. Only rain or shine. I'm not a big fan of the rain. but This is the best weather for my husband. My hubby loves rain so much... why? Oh there's a lot of tings that makes rain a winner for my husband.

  • Rain makes cold nights colder
  • He can drink hot coffee, tea, coco with pleasure.
  • It makes the family complete. My husband said when it rains, most families like us just stay at home and spend a lot of time together. Especially when the rain is strong, we all just stay in one place and talk and laugh. I like that, He loves it.
  • We can watch movies together
  • He and my children like to stay under the sheets and play.
  • If it rains in the afternoon, we could all go out and just bathe in the rain
  • He could wear his nice jackets everywhere
  • Saves on electricity. you don't need to turn on the aircon or fan.

My husband like summer, but i love it more .. why?

  • It dries up my clothes really fast and it smells good. (just don't let it stay for long)
  • I can make different fruit smoothies/ shakes/ cold drinks and share it to my family.
  • Beach! Beach! beach! Oh yes i love swimming
  • Flip flops is like a necessity
  • Oooh Ice cream, it melts fast so you have to eat it fast.
  • Nice tanned skin
  • Cotton clothes every time

My daughter is always hoping that we have winter because she wants to make snowman and she likes to wear mittens. And wish to have a white christmas. But there are also days that she think she's lucky of living in a country with no winter..." At least i won't catch a cold mom" She hates it when she's sick. She can't go out and play.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Enveloped Ideas.

the late Teddy Diaz, one of The Dawn's foundin...Image via WikipediaI just want to take a break from the usual post and give you this.This is one of my favorite songs of all time. And i just want to share it to all of you, To pay tribute to Mr. Teddy Diaz the former lead guitarist of the dawn.

Enveloped Ideas
The dawn

Singing out my enveloped ideas
Doesn’t seem all too bad
Hoping it would be easier
To sing out my enveloped ideas

Stanza I:
T0rying pointlessly to understand
Having nothing to say
Just shadows what remains boy Inside
This is called is what my envelope ideas

Singing out my envelope ideas
Doesn’t seem all too bad
Hoping it would be easier
To sing out my enveloped ideas

Stanza II:
Why should I carry this platter? (platter)
Didn’t it just pass me by? (by…)
And does one cling right on the edge? (the edge)
I have an empty dream, this here my ideas.

Repeat Chorus

Rock on!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The old place to eat.

two weeks ago, we (my family, brother and sister together with their loved ones)Went to an old place, a place were we used to eat when we were still teens, There's not much change around, only the prices of the food. But the food still taste great.

When we were still young( i mean teens) and we wanted to eat, we usually go to this place because it's cheap and not very pricey. And the food taste really great. This is not a fine dine in, nor a fast food chain. It's just one of the food place that you may found just around the corner. But actually, It's quite far from our house. My brother just like to drive us there. It's worth the drive.

If I'm not mistaken the last time i went there was when i was still pregnant with my first daughter. So it was like 5 years ago, I've been so busy, I never had a chance to come by. But their juke box is still alive. Although it doesn't sound really good. I still think it was cool. The sound was really bad, It sounded as if it came from a closed box. Or an old radio. Well, it is old.

The people there were still nice and friendly, but i never had a chance to see the owner, I'm not sure if she's still alive. (kidding!). I'm not very nostalgic type of person, But i do reminisce sometimes.

Like when i went to visit my aunties, I used to lived with them when i was in grades school. And when your young, Houses, buildings, churches etc. seems to be very tall. The feeling i had then was just plain happy and amazed. haaaay.

The picture you see there is my soon to be brother in law, Chris. and he's beside the juke box.

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just at the right angle.

I can't believe myself. I found my old emails still alive!! I mean, nowadays i hardly read emails especially forwarded ones. but, 2 years ago, i used to keep forwarded emails and read it maybe if I'm bored or something.

Today i was supposed to delete those Jurassic ages emails, but i stopped whenever something funny or strange caught my attention so here are the images i thought of sharing to everyone, before i turned them to Oscar the grouch.

Just at the right angle......

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Husband's birthday today! and i have no gift!

I usually don't forget birthdays but now that I'm a mom i usually forget to buy gifts! and now i forgot to buy one for my honey! Please don't think i don't gave any importance to my one and only. It's just that in 6 years of us being together, he always tells me not to buy any gift for him, and what do i do? i still buy one every time.

These past few days he kept telling me not to buy a gift for him, He always do that whenever his birthday is just few days away.He always tells me that my love and our kids are all blessings enough, He told me that he doesn't need any presents. And because we went home to the province last weekend, i never had a chance to buy one. Oh well, I know he'll understand, Even if this is the first time that i will not give anything for him. I know he still feels how much i love him.

Or maybe i could buy tomorrow?!! hahaha! Happy birthday honey! Hope you'll never change your love for me and for the kids! and your getting older. kiddin'~

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When was the last time you visit your grandma?

When was the last time you visit your grandma? oh, yes i just visited my grandma last weekend. It was very fun weekend, i went home in my province to visit my grandmother. It was just like reminiscing the old town, because it's very very different now.

I went there with my whole family, even my parents and my sister and brothers went there too. My cousins, uncles. aunties were all there too. It was just like a family reunion. Although were missing some of my uncles and aunties who were all livin in the states, I missed them so much.

It was so fun, My grandma cooked the most delicious recipes she had been passing for us for so many years now, but nobody cooks like my grandma, the smell, the taste.... just so different , It's really true that when you cook with your heart nothing seems to go wrong. So the lunch and dinner were just oh so delicious.

At the end of the day, We had spent all night exchanging Corny jokes but still laughing the hell out of us. Maybe because whenever you give a good deliver to a bad joke, it seems to be funny. And whenever my cousins deliver some jokes with funny actions and gestures , It just turned out to be hilarious. I was just listening to them because I'm not good in making jokes. I might be better in retelling them, but not making one. Anyway, I was just so happy to be with them and my grandma of course.

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