Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Husband's birthday today! and i have no gift!

I usually don't forget birthdays but now that I'm a mom i usually forget to buy gifts! and now i forgot to buy one for my honey! Please don't think i don't gave any importance to my one and only. It's just that in 6 years of us being together, he always tells me not to buy any gift for him, and what do i do? i still buy one every time.

These past few days he kept telling me not to buy a gift for him, He always do that whenever his birthday is just few days away.He always tells me that my love and our kids are all blessings enough, He told me that he doesn't need any presents. And because we went home to the province last weekend, i never had a chance to buy one. Oh well, I know he'll understand, Even if this is the first time that i will not give anything for him. I know he still feels how much i love him.

Or maybe i could buy tomorrow?!! hahaha! Happy birthday honey! Hope you'll never change your love for me and for the kids! and your getting older. kiddin'~

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