Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rick Astley's Cry for help.

Just this morning, as i was watching Music Videos, I happened to watched Rick Astley Music bio. It was really great, I'm a little shy to admit that i once enjoyed his songs and dance with it when i was still a kid. Oh yes, I love his songs and he's so cute, especially his younger years. (well, he's still cute but older of course)

When i was in grade school, I love dance and pop songs, but as i grow up, it changed. I found myself more into ballads and R&b, Maybe i think most people do change as they aged. Their likes, their tastes, their music, everything.

I have so many favorite songs when i was young but there was this one song that whenever i hear it, It always shift my mood, i don't know. if I'm being nostalgic or something. but it's like I'm in that year again, old house, very young, old TV,funny clothes, funny hair, fresh air. I just feel like I'm there the 80's.

and that song is none other than "cry for help" by rick Astley. Why don't you try to listen again and then tell me, does it bring back your memories ?. I love the sound of the choir in the chorus.I'm not a big fan of Rick Astley, but its his songs that i cant' forget.

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Erin Tales said...

i just wanted to thank you for the birthday wishes!

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