Sunday, June 20, 2010

The karate kid on a father's day

First of all Happy father's day to all the daddies out there especially to my better half.

I just finished watching The Karate Kid.. And I felt like it's worth my post. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Jackie Chan.. I've seen almost all of his movies.. ( haven't seen the little big soldier) . I can't forget how my High school English teacher told me that his stuntmen( including the crew and staff) were mostly Chinese and Filipinos. (Filipinos!!!?) And that Filipinos has a special place in Jackie Chan's Heart. And how in the world did my teacher knew about it? Even if she was halfway around the world? His husband was one of them and was working for him faithfully for years. My English teacher showed all of his pictures. And God knows how I felt that day... Dying of Envy. Ok enough of the nostalgia..

This movie has high and lows. I have to say that it's not much like of the original hit. A lot was changed, the wax-in wax off thing was replaced with the jacket on-jacket off. Jaden was younger than Ralph. Mr Miyagi is Japanese. And of course the title issue!. It seems like the 2010 remake was 60% focused with the new younger audience, that would definitely made a lot of parents looking for Kung-fu school for their kids after seeing this movie. Either the Smith's goal is to make some big bucks and show-off how talented their kid is. Or to make-over a totally-already-good movie and trying to make it better. I really don't care... I love the movie. For me, the original was great. But this is a totally new movie.. and seeing it that way made me feel like this movie was meant to be on it's no.1 position in the box-office. The Chinese kids were really good. And Jaden was a natural. and Jackie Chan still has it. I super like the movie and that's my opinion, period.

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