Thursday, November 13, 2008

China's good news.

Have you ever seen such an amazing picture, that you were totally blown away. I was so astonished when i saw this picture. first and foremost i know that this picture was unedited because it was given to me by one of my nicest and charming student Judy, I was amazed so I'd like to share this picture with you.

This is my student Judy. She once worked in China. She told me about this place in China, I told her that we always hear so many bad news about that beautiful country, Like the lead content found in toys,plastic products and others, The tainted milk, And a lot more. I told her that even though China Made a lot of Gold Medals in the Olympics. People Still tends to look at the negative reports about China,

Although Judy is a Taiwanese. She still believes that there is more about China. And i believe her. I know that the news changed some of my views about that country. But i still believe that there is more to see of that country and that is Jiuzhaigou.

Jiuzhaigou ( ju-zai-gow) Is a valley found in China, It is found in the southern end of Minshan mountain range. Jiuzhaigou means valley of nine villages. I want you to look closely at the picture. and see how crystal clear the water is, actually my student Judy calls it green sea because of its color. But what really amazes me is how you can actually see what lies beneath. and how you can actually see it through Camera lenses. Imagine If your actually there, I'm already planning of visiting this place very very soon.

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Leo (Healthy Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle) said...

When I first saw this photo I was blown away! WOW, that water!!
Great photo!!

aybi said...

so amazing right?!! I always watch discovery channel and travel and living, how come i never get the chance to see this..

Hicham said...

The spirit that's reflected from the photo is amazing! All the elemets of the photos formed this impression for me.

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