Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When was the last time you visit your grandma?

When was the last time you visit your grandma? oh, yes i just visited my grandma last weekend. It was very fun weekend, i went home in my province to visit my grandmother. It was just like reminiscing the old town, because it's very very different now.

I went there with my whole family, even my parents and my sister and brothers went there too. My cousins, uncles. aunties were all there too. It was just like a family reunion. Although were missing some of my uncles and aunties who were all livin in the states, I missed them so much.

It was so fun, My grandma cooked the most delicious recipes she had been passing for us for so many years now, but nobody cooks like my grandma, the smell, the taste.... just so different , It's really true that when you cook with your heart nothing seems to go wrong. So the lunch and dinner were just oh so delicious.

At the end of the day, We had spent all night exchanging Corny jokes but still laughing the hell out of us. Maybe because whenever you give a good deliver to a bad joke, it seems to be funny. And whenever my cousins deliver some jokes with funny actions and gestures , It just turned out to be hilarious. I was just listening to them because I'm not good in making jokes. I might be better in retelling them, but not making one. Anyway, I was just so happy to be with them and my grandma of course.

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