Wednesday, February 11, 2015

KKK Resturant (Pinoy Food Revolution) . You got to try this or miss half of your life.

It's been a long time since I last wrote something here.. And I wanted to start it with a blast lol!
I've always been a big fan of fine dining or any place where food is food and not just a food. There is this one place that I always see but never tried..

And the reasons why I think I never had a chance to try it out..
1. My kids always want to eat Chinese and Korean.
2. The KKK restaurant in SM Annex has a small spot (not very noticeable)
3. The nearest KKK is far from my place.. (too lazy to try lol)

And so we tried it last Thursday, My husband and I were very hungry as always.. We don't want to have what we already tried.. So with rumbling tummies we went to SM annex and check the new food spots there.. We saw many. but again, We're hungry. My husband wanted to just sit down and eat "kanin at ulam" And there goes KKK waiting for us we were standing just few steps away from it.

 We went in. I ordered what I think looks good and we didn't want to go overboard with food. Because we sometimes do when we are super hungry. We just ordered the following : Sinangag sa Bagoong..KANING PUTI NA GUINISA SA BAGOONG, BINUDBURAN NG ITLOG, TOCINO AT MANGGANG HILAW, So just imagine.. oh let me help you.. Got this pic from their site.. hahaha.... Ensaladang Mangga- HILAW NA MANGGA, KAMATIS, SIBUYAS, MANI AT HIBE NA HINALO SA HOUSE DRESSING...Again, imagine...And finally Inihaw na liempo. I just tried it coz it says" Best seller" in the menu..hahaha.. 
Okay so when it landed our table.. I... Yes... I, was the first to attack.. While my husband was still busy preparing for his D.I.Y. sauce , He asked for chili and vinegar and kalamansi.. My spoon is already in my mouth.. I was smiling while savoring it slowly. My husband asked" Masarap?" I nodded with one eye closed because the mango was sour and I liked it and the rice and everything was just so freaking delish! My gulay!The rice was so good. Bagoong was just a part of it, the mango, the tocino.. "ano ba to? ang sarap! nakakbwisit! hahaha.! I told him. Even the Liempo was so tender and tasty the Ensaladang mangga is just so amazing the house dressing was a winner.
Everything we ordered blended well. Oh dear! It was heaven.. Filipino Food!! So Good!
I already forgot about blogging (hahaha) I just remembered it when I was eating.. I told my husband.. Everybody should know about this place ! Kainis!!! Why didn't I tried this years and years ago.! Anyhow,I'm not paid to write about this...But I know I have to.. People need to know and start eating at the right place. DO I need to say more?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nanny Rose sticks and pulls and Black pearl in Watsons.

I was so into online shopping since the day I got my hands with this keyboard hahaha! I think I ordered almost all sorts of stuff sold online..(crazy??!) perfume, food, soaps, clothes, chocolates. make-up. Name It, I probably bought one online lol! and the shipping has not been always been kind to me. There were many times that my package would be delayed, Or the messenger is lost. which is absolutely one of the most absurd reason they gave to me. They were just probably lazy to look for the address and just continue looking for my house the following day. Arrrgh!(pirate? lol)

Ok so now I don't need to worry about that. why? because two of my favorite things are now sold at WATSONS! Yay! When I saw my fave stuffs.. I was like.. Finally!. I don't need to transfer money just to pay, or walk to the bank. I just need to go straight to watsons and whoala! i got it without delays and inconvenience. Ok so you maybe asking what are those stuffs that i got?

First fave...
I have been addicted to this soap that i have been using for years now, It's the black pearl soap from Cyleina. I don't really have the whitest skin but this soap maintains my fairest. papaya soap, kojic, name it ... it didn't work for me.. hahaha! anyways. I just love how this soap works better than those expensive branded ones that will just leave your skin super dry. geesh!

Another fave of mine is the sugar wax. Ever since I started using this(sold-online sugar wax) I was very very impressed. I used to shave a lot but it does leave me with cuts and such. And so in 2010 I've decided to try waxing. And although there were so many painful reviews about it hahaha!, I chose to try to cold wax. Yes it did hurt a bit. but not like those in the movies that they would cry the hell out of themselves... well, maybe if I will try the brazilian hahaha! anyways, I have been buying this sugar wax online.. ...that I wouldn't like to name because I've been loyal to it but now I'm dumping it to a cheaper and better one. hahaha! It's actually very good. But I never thought that I would find something better and cheaper!! yes you heard that right!

I so love Nanny Rose hot and cold wax.I got it for P99.oo only. Now, just for those who haven't tried cold wax before, you should learn it's how to's first, maybe try to watch some you tube videos. Why? nanny rose only have steps on how to use the hot wax. which I never tried. But didn't have the steps for cold wax.. It's actually very simple. but it might take some time before you get the hang of it. Really depends. but for me.. this is the best so far.!

there you have it.. Now I have more reasons to stop my online shopping addiction! or maybe not! hahaha!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What happened to Wendy's??

Yesterday... was I guess not-so-bad day for me. I went back to pick up my precious(laptop). I kind of got that "my precious" thing because, It's my sword for my everyday battle, there is no day that I don't use my precious. because this is what I use for work every single day of my life. Alright so enough with my P... Yesterday I went back to pick up my p from the store because they replaced it with the fatherboard (yep this is my guy version lol) because it has some audio problems.And it's ok now.(thank God!) It was around lunch time and I haven't eaten anything since that morning.

So since I'm just alone. I thought of eating at WENDY's. My ever high-school burger bestfriend. I haven't eaten there for a long time, like years.. Why? Because the nearest branches around the metro vanished! I mean .. What happened to wendy's? There were so many days that I crave for bacon mushroom melt, baked potato and of course frosty!

SO yes I guess you already got my point. And so I did. I went there and hoping would have a very satisfying meal. but I was wrong. I was a bit disappointed. ,Oh! maybe I was really disappointed. The regular frosty was like just half of the original one, and the patty! the patty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my dear lord! why have you shrunk? and I mean really shrunk! It was like this, when you unwrapped it, you will see the patty showing off, but that was just that side, and not on the other sides of the burger. It was like playing hide and seek with the patty..(exaggeration of course). the thickness were also reduced, their posters were deceiving (like what would you expect from advertising?? lol). But oh well, though I'm disappointed in some way, I was happy reminiscing my high-school days, when Wendy's were such a hit and were just few blocks away from school. Now, I have to go a mall if I want to get my tastes buds to shut-up.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Things that kept me busy and earn some cha-ching!!

I'm trying to make a difference this year.. hopefully it will go well, There are so many things that keeps me busy and will keep my busy for the whole year around. First my kids are growing and somethings are sometimes getting out of hand. So I have to be more and more careful and organize (which is really not that easy for me) but i will try to follow each day's to-do list..
First I'm so into making little flowers and turning it into headbands for babies and little girls. I so find it really cute and very relaxing. Whenever I finish making one. I feel really good, and so I'm turning it into small business. You can check it out on Facebook or my website.

Another thing that really kept me busy since last year is Tone a day. It so easy to do while earning some cash. you just rate words and whoala! but since nowadays there were so many new members adding up, They
changed some rules and lessen the chance to earn much, But i still find them a good-paying site.
Finally there's
this not-so-new sites that I've been addicted to it's called J.S.S. Tripler These good-paying sites are what we called cyclers. now for some people these may sound like unbelievable, but I just started with it few months ago, and I'm earning $4 a d
ay. and it keeps on growing. I've been paid 5 times, constantly,.. people don't know what they are missing. That's the reason
Why I'm sharing to all the moms and everyone who are burned with so many scams and so tired of working. this site will help you a lot.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blessings and Prayers

It's been a while since my last post.. well, I have to say that I have been to many ups and downs. And I have proven again and again how God is so good to me, That sometimes I think I'm not worthy of his love and blessings.

This year, I have so many plans that I wanted to happen and I'm trying to make it happen. But i noticed that some of these plans of mine are so hard to begin with. There were many hindrances and so many reasons that I really don't know where it came from. Then I realized that maybe God was just helping me in a way.. Telling me that although I think I'm ready, I am actually not. I noticed that every time I pray for something. Those prayers were not answered immediately, and so I waited. Until there's another blessing that came to us. but still not that ones that I really praying so hard. There was this one time that I felt like God knew that, that day would come and I felt like it's the end of the world to me. I prayed so hard, prayed like I've never prayed before, prayed like It was the first time. I wasn't expecting but the prayers were answered right away, I mean like just minutes. I didn't know how to thank God for that day.

My husband was promoted this year, And my better half thinks that that's the best gift for us so far, but for me, the best blessings was those of the simple things, Every time I see my children happy, and well. Every time I see my husband satisfied with my cooking, Every time I thought I wouldn't make it but I am still here... standing.. Those were the simple blessings that for some people would be nonsense. These are the things that makes my simple days complete. but of course it wouldn't hurt if I ask for something else. And that's between me and the Almighty.
I'm not perfect, nobody is. but sometimes the biggest problems in our lives is just a prayer away. And for those who don't believe that prayers can move mountains.. ... try to pray tonight.

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