Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just at the right angle.

I can't believe myself. I found my old emails still alive!! I mean, nowadays i hardly read emails especially forwarded ones. but, 2 years ago, i used to keep forwarded emails and read it maybe if I'm bored or something.

Today i was supposed to delete those Jurassic ages emails, but i stopped whenever something funny or strange caught my attention so here are the images i thought of sharing to everyone, before i turned them to Oscar the grouch.

Just at the right angle......


Lianne said...

hey it's my first time here .. :D

i like the comic relief in your site :D the pics really made me smile .. thanks for posting them ..

btw .. care for a link exchange ? if you are then please inform me on my shoutmix on my website .. thanks ! :D

tripzibit said...

Very interesting pictures. Thanx for sharing this :)

cherryfe said...

ganda ha! yes sis, you have to wait for few days ganyan din ako dati and for sure iba ang feeling pag natanggap mo na ang approved ppp tools/ blog to your mail. just wait ok?

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