Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top 5 Most Beautiful people in the world......for me

There are so many beautiful faces nowadays, If you watch TV, Movies, fashion show almost all TV personalities really has their own beauty. This good looks are obviously inherited from their parents, a mix race would definitely result into one beautiful person. I really don't care if they have underwent any plastic surgery, what matters is that it look so natural. Now it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but hey i just admire these people. and hope i'm one of them LOL! ok so i chose 5 of the most attractive person in the world for me at this point, Now, this is absolutely , purely, my own opinion. If you don't like them well, That's your opinion. But i guess there's still a lot out there that i haven't seen so i guess these people are the most beautiful people for me for just this month. I'll try to change it monthly. LOL! so many good-looking men and women on the list. and i just can't write about them in just one post. Ok so enough with the talk. Here's the list.

#5 Wu zun
- this guy is really telegenic, i know he is photogenic but i really think he is more of a telegenic-guy. don't be fooled with his small framed face, it looks like he has a very thin body frame as but no, he has well-built body. just right, not too big that it's not proportion to his face, vis a Brunei-born actor, singer, a former model, and gym instructor. He is the only non-Taiwanese born member of the boy band Fahrenheit, and is known for his roles in the Taiwanese idol dramas

# 4 Zhao Wei
- She is one of those chinese actress that you will take a second look, why? first, mainly of her big bright beautiful eyes, that outsand most of the chinese actresses nowadays. The first time i saw her, i just knew she really has a beautiful face. Oh yes she's a singer too.

#3 Orlando Bloom
- Everytime i see his face on TV it just makes me want to see him more. I admire his face that it so mysterious. It looks like a combination of a bit angelic and a little devilish too, something in between.Orlando Bloom was born in Canterbury, Kent, England. His mother, Sonia Constance Josephine (née Copeland), was born in the British section of Kolkata, India,

#2 Maegan Fox
- A very good example of an exotic beauty. The eyes that launched a thousand decagons and ottobots. i don't know but just look at her, and tell me. isn't that a beauty? This is one of her picture before she did something with her lips.Fox is of Irish, French and Native American ancestry. Fox grew up in nearby Rockwood, Tennessee and she began her training in drama and dance at age five, in Kingston, Tennessee.

#1 Angelina Jolie

- i really don't know where am i going to start, She is just so perfect. Her body,eyes, lips, husband LOL! everything. ALthough she has a beautiful body. She's still not perfect, I don't like her back. I forgot that movie...oh nevermind. Well. who cares about her back her front is absolutely stunning.

There are still a lot of beautiful faces out there waiting to be discovered, I just need to post for them in the next few months, but for the mean time they are my top 5. thanks for reading!
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