Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Transformers or Samformers?

I always forget to post about my feelings with the latest Transformers Movie.

I just wanted to tell everyone that although I'm a mom now,i was one of those kids long time ago, That were so into transformers, It was so good that i had to wake up early every Saturday morning to watch those cartoons, then it was later changed to afternoon, so me and my brothers and sister were so happy then, I was dying with envy when I went to my grandma's house and found out that one of my friend's brother has a cool optimus prime robot that was sent to him by his father(working in Saudi Arabia). Can't forget that.

Alright enough with that. And so i watched the movie and yes i liked it, but then comes the sequel. And so i can't wait to watch it either, The day came, and It was a little disappointing. Yes i like the movie, but i just hope that they gave more story to the transformers itself. The title of the movie should've been "Samformers" I love Shia and Megan but I just hope that Michael Bay gave more life to the characters, My friend Paolo thought the same thing. Thank God The voices of the past are still there. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker.

Well, hope that part 3 would be more than just explosions.

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Jade aka MommaWannabe said...

OO nga didnig ko di masyado maganda sequel...sana makasama ka nga sa meet up? Taga saan ka ba?

Sa Ortigas Area meet up baka Megamall.

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