Thursday, July 23, 2009

AOWA Scammers!!

I felt very bad today because, I found out that my mother was scammed. Well, this was the first time that it ever happened to her, because she went to a mall ( a mall that was very known in our country for bargains and extremely low prices. Why was she there? My mom is a dress maker so she always look for yarns and stuffs like that which are high quality but low price. And in this mall, there's a lot of that.

Ok so here's what happened, my very kind mom tries to look around first before she actually buys, then this gay guy tried to persuade her to purchase an AOWA product. Ok, Let me just tell everyone that I have nothing against the product because we have AOWA products before and were satisfied, But what I'm angry about is How this company sells their products!!! so you maybe you are asking how?!!! do they sell?

Well, they have this scheme, they first try to look for rich gullible-looking old customers, then they will try to interview them and praise them first, then they will ask some personal information like whole name , birthday, address etc.

So how do they make this poor customers to tell those information?

they will try their best to persuade them by telling them that the customer will be entitled to receive some very special gifts free of cost, and then when they got those infos (which are by the way the infos that they need to use your credit card)The one guy will be joined by two more and then three and then the whole group is trying to persuade this one customer to purchase a very high-end product at a cheap price!

and they will even tell you that they will include a lot of expensive gifts if you will buy just one particular product. Blah! blah! then they will ask for your CC and without asking they will swipe your card and use it. In the end the customer who thought she was so lucky to have such bargain but if you look closely in the receipt the customer purchased everything, and OVERPRICED!!!

My mom went home with just one product which was the foot massager, but her credit card purchases that day was 45,000 Pesos !!! We were like ! what!!! MOM! you've been scammed! Mo brother and my dad immediately went back to the store the following day! The group who cheated my mom were so prepared as if they already know that this is going to happen, Why are they prepared? because they know that they are all SCAMMERS!!!

I just hope the Marketing manager of AOWA can read this...

Are you so desperate to make a sale?!! and fooling innocent people is your biggest marketing plan!!! Shame on you guys!!

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Leon said...

I was sorry to hear about your mom and scammers. About 3 years ago I was hooked by Nigerian scammers, and later wrote a self-help guide on how to, how not to, what to do if, and who to contact if. "This book, 'Scammers Among Us Beware' may be viewed and purchased on, or Eloquent Please check it out for it may save you, your family, your friends money. Thank you. Leon H. Carey

MommaWannabe said...

This is not good! You should try to get the money back as soon as you can ...get the names of these people that scammed your mom and go to the police if they don't cooperate.

Are you in Manila btw? We are having a female blogger's meet up -

Maybe you'd like to join and meet fellow bloggers;)

I'll add your link at MommaWannabe after this.

aybi said...

Leon, thanks for the concern, it's so sad to hear those Nigerian scammers as well,


We already did that,and we're waiting for some feedback. Oh Yes I'm in Manila. I'll try to join you guys, I don't have many blogger friends like you do.I'm a bit shy LOL!

ria irish said...

they are no longer called aowa kasi nareklamo sila ni VP Kabayan (biktima din). so nag-close aowa... naging HOFFMAN na ang pangalan!

at marami na siya na-biktima.... just look at the comments on this site..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ur comment!!! I was dragged into the shop in Malaysia and they use the same method like what u have mentioned... They asked me for my credit card n the nxt thing u know they swapped the card for me without my knowledge.. They will tell u that u got the best bargain in town.. I wanted to call my mom at first but they insisted me to sign first.. Thank god I surf the net n saw this! U've SAVED me!!!! THANKS!!!!

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