Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love the Kitchen!

I've always fond of interior designing since i was a kid, because my auntie is an Interior designer and I watched how she transform simple houses to extraordinary looking ones. Usually these houses that we visit are already beautiful to my eyes, but her clients seems to be bored with their styles so they want some changes. Most of the styles i learned from my aunt were modern ones. And i just loved it.

One of the best part that i like most about decorating or designing a house, Is the kitchen makeover. I so love the Kitchen. Why? because this is where you cook and most of the time the kitchen is taken for granted, and most of the time its a mess because of cooking. I love how my aunt change their kitchen to a very stylish ones, I still remember how she always tells me that different styles are good but always remember that quality and cleanliness, are still important like for example a
stainless kitchen sink can be very stylish and versatile while providing high quality that lasts for many years.This kind of sink is not only sleek and gorgeous but also affordable, your clients will definitely approve with that.

So, now that I have my own house, I'm being stylish and practical at the same time.

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