Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gorgeous Creations

there are so many times when i was younger that i would like to look like an actress and or a princess. That i would go to parties or affairs wearing beautiful Cocktail Dresses. Or going to a ball wearing different beautiful gowns and all that. Since I was a young girl, I love to look at many beautiful people.

Wearing really gorgeous dresses. I think every woman admires a beautiful dress Prom Dresses that would stand out in the crowd. And of course i actually did wear some of those, i think most of us did. Now that I have my own daughter i've always wanted to wear a nice wonderful gown on her wedding day and would be the gorgeous Mother of Bride . Ok I think I'm thinking way too advance LOL! but hey. Who doesn't want to look good ob very special occasions that happens only once in your life? I came across this site and saw all those awesome creations. I so love it. The dresses, gowns were all picture perfect. They got a wide range of gowns/ dresses for all occasions.

I was really checking out all their dresses, because my brother is going to get married. I told my soon to be sister-in-law that they got wonderful creations. and they even got plus-sizes!I'm thinking to purchase one for the next affair i would be on.
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