Sunday, July 5, 2009

Growing kids, annoying kids?

How do you manage to keep up with your kids?

My daughter is growing and growing every minute and her mind is getting crazier and crazier. I mean she has so many questions that keeps popping to her head, that she will never stop asking me until she gets the answer that satisfies her, yes the answer that satisfies her, it means that if she asked a question and she doesn't like any of my answers. She will sure to ask the same question but she will even try to rephrase it. Sometime i answered very easily but there are times that i laugh first before i could give her a reply and that would piss her off.

She always think that if i laugh at her, I'm not serious and she would even look at me like she's my mother, LOL! she is very serious whenever she asked different questions. like, why is my teacher keep removing her shoes whenever she sits down? or why Michael Jackson so popular, even is he looks like a ghost? oh and there's a follow up with that? Why does Mickey mouse and Michael Jackson Wear gloves?

Sometimes she get into my nerves, but i think nowadays i can handle it better. I think I'm really getting old. btw, that's my girl. taken by my sis.
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