Sunday, February 1, 2009

My 2nd grade teacher is still beautiful.

Last saturday, I went back to my old house. Because i have to attend a wedding of an old friend. I went with my aunt and mt brother as well as her girlfriend. I wasn't really expecting anyone to see. I just want to see how my old place looks now.

And so I was there. There's a lot of changes of course, I was happy to see similar faces, I was young then and everyone seems to be very old LOL! Well, I am too. So when we arrived at the church wedding it was really nice seeing some good ol' friends. Ans guess what?!! I saw my 2nd grade teacher. She was older now of course, but she still pretty.

I waited for about an hour just to approach her, I wanted to tell her that I was one of her students ages ago. I was thinking of telling her how surprised and glad i am to see her. And when I finally had a chance, I told her " Hello Mrs. David, I'm ....." And she said "AYbi" Whoah! I was very surprised.!
I knew that she had hundreds of students and there was no way that she would remember each one of them, or would she? Yes, she remembered me, and she knows me. That day is like one of my most unforgettable days of my life.

I felt really good... Thanks Ma'am!You really made my day!
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