Friday, February 13, 2009

Perfect pair of glasses.

Good thing i was reading the news! I was always planning to have an eye check up or visit an optometrist, but I am very scared that I'll spend a lot and end up with an ugly frame that was suggested. I hardly say no to almost any opportunities, and sometimes go home disappointed. I've read about the article "Seeing Straight Without Breaking the Bank" in NY Times just last week. They gave such helpful ideas to anyone who has doubts of visiting an optometrist and people who have problems financially. Honestly, I really thought that if I'll get an eye examination, I would go straight to purchasing what was their prescription right there and there.My mistake.

They recommend a lot of good eye frame shops over the Internet but I was very interested on checking out eyeglasses from I was very excited and look what i found?!

This nice-looking frame(with argyle prints) cost only $15.95 and there's a lot more, price range starts from $8. They have wide range of frames that are all in very reasonable prices and believe me they got exactly what you need.

they have a lot of good-looking frames to choose from without having to spend a lot. Sometimes things are meant to be read, thanks to that article I've found about this great site.

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