Thursday, February 19, 2009

I got paid!!! Wooohoooo!

I was hoping to see the sun today. I have been so busy lately and hoping that I could wake up early in the morning and see the sun rises and smell the fresh morning air. But when I woke up, It's raining! waaaaaaaaaaaaah! what a day. I always feel a bit lazy whenever it's raining, so I was hoping that something would make my day alright,Ok so i have been writing and writing and trying to earn some extra few dollars in the last two months because, my son's 1st birthday is almost here. And i really wanted to earn more so I could celebrate it with a bang! LOL! well, I just want to have a party, My daughter always asking me to save a lot of money so we could celebrate somewhere else.

So I joined a lot of sites such as pay per post, social spark etc. I love these sites and I already earned from them. But, I still think that i still need some more so i asked my friend from Singapore what's new? She told me that there's nothing new it's just the same old review sites that he joined and she insisted that she earned from it. I'm a bit skeptic to join, unless it was proven. I joined this review site about a month ago, and I wasn't even serious then, I just wrote few honest reviews and make friends. I tried to request my money last month and to my surprise i got paid! I just checked my PayPal and i was surprised to see that i received the money i requested. Although, it took them few weeks but still, I got paid! So my day was saved, you can check it out by clicking this banner:

Now if you want to join but don't know how to received your money you can always open a paypal account just by clicking the link below, and you can open a premier account

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

and by the way, this is 100% free to join.

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