Thursday, February 5, 2009

Itchy pox.

My daughter got chicken pox, and i was so worried that she might not handle the pain well. What I meant is that my daughter's patience is really not that long. Most of us already been in this situation maybe when we were younger, and i don't know how each one handled it. I had to bring her to my mom's house, because I'm afraid that my baby boy is next in line. He is still too young to have Chicken pox.

After few days, my daughter would complain about hoe itchy it was, painful and how her headache makes her vomit. She is just 5 years old so I know it would be hard for her and it would be harder for my 10-month old that's why i had to separate them. Although this is really not an easy situation i think all mommies are going through this. I guess it's just my turn.

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