Friday, February 20, 2009

Punks not dead!

I have been a music lover since the day I was born I just love pop, rock, r and b and others. Being a Voice coach i have to keep myself updated to all sorts of genres and honestly, I really like what I do, I got different types of students, from classic to ballads, R & B, Jazz, name it i got one, Recently i have 3 punk fanatics, And they do want to learn more, I heard them talking about different punk band and all sort of things that er related with punk, I even heard them talking the best punk bands of all time, I was very interested with their topic, because one of my favorite band of all time was "The Ramones" and they can't believe i even got albums of ramones, so i asked them stuffs about other bands they like. I was totally surprised these students know bands that i thought adults like me would know more about. They were all talking about history and these top 15 punk bands of all time :

# The Ramones
# The Sex Pistols
# Black Flag
# The Clash
# Social Distortion
# Suicidal Tendencies
# Bad Religion
# Dead Kennedys
# Iggy Pop and the Stooges
# The Misfits
# Circle Jerks
# Rancid
# Bad Brains
# The Germs
# Husker Du

They asked me to visit a site,It's called Punk Chat City, they told me that i would enjoy this chat room. I told them that i wasn't very much into chat, but i promised to check it out and so i did. That chat room is , This site offers 100% free registration. You can register in just minutes and you can now share opinions, stories, experiences and a lot more.If you are into punk music, then this one's for you.

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