Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Kimchi trip

Last week, my husband went to Korea for his business/leisure trip. It was his first time to go there, that's why he was so excited and can't wait to visit that country. When he finally went home. He told me a lot of stories that were all very interesting. and of course one of the best thing that he liked about Korea.... was the food of course, He love bulgogi and of course the very spicy Kimchi, I so like bulgogi too but kimchi is not my type, it's the smell that I really can't stand but I tried it before and I know it's good. just not my type, anyway, My husband bought a lot of things as a souvenir and out of curiosity. He bought soju shot glasses and silver chopsticks,

Oh and before that trip.He actually practiced using chopsticks, because he's really not good at it LOL! most of the time they use silver chopsticks in Korean restaurants so he's scared that his food might slipped because he's used to using wooden ones. LOL!
It's already spring season in Korea so no more winter snow. So he's a bit sad. But he told me that he love the weather. It's cold but not freezing cold to a point that he can't enjoy his trip anymore. Next year I really hope that me and my kids would come with him so I would share my kimchi trip too. til next time!

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