Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beauty products that are safe for mommy and baby.

When i was pregnant just a year ago, One of my major problems was knowing that all the products I use was safe for my baby that was still of course in my tummy. I heard that a lot of pregnant women had birth problems and sometimes their babies has birth defects due to wrong medication, they were exposed to different chemicals that they weren't had any idea that they were exposed into it.

And as a pregnant mom I've always wanted to stay beautiful, but I have doubts with some cosmetics and other beauty products. I was one of the people who aren't very sure how safe those beauty products are to me and to my baby. Especially when I heard that a lot of beauty products has lead content. So scary. But now there are beauty products that not only will help you to look good, make you beautiful but it is also safe to all the mommies and the babies in their tummies.

I really hope that i saw this before. It's called
all of the products from that company are all made especially for pregnant women who are afraid to use any cremes or facial products because of the harsh chemicals that are found in some popular brands. Beaute de Maman actually helps you to look good and feel good without worrying about your baby's health. they got products such as face and body cream and stretch mark cream.

So for all the expectant mommies out there, what are you waiting for? order now you will be glad you did.


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