Monday, March 9, 2009

not a typical birthday party.

Yesterday was a very blessed and happy day for me and my family, we celebrated my son's 1st birthday. It was really fun, An i wasn't expecting a lot of people, I mean we invited around 40 guests including our family and relatives. I was very surprised that more people came than i expected around 60 and above. I felt like a true blue mom. Well, My first daughter celebrated her birthday just in our house, it was the time that me and my husband doesn't have much. I would really want to give my daughter a blast but were poor. LOL! I mean i have no work that time and we're short of money, so even if i wanted to give her more, there's nothing more we could give her. But next year she's turning 7 and i wanted to give her "her little girly party, I wanted to do something different and i don't want it to be very typical, I've hosted several birthdays, debut, and wedding celebrations, I want it to be very very different i don't want it to be just like a theme party i wanted it to be more than that. I wanted to be very creative. I still have a year to think and look for a lot of things creative. I would be very open to any suggestion on how to make my daughter's birthday really something. it's her 7th hope you could give me any suggestions many thanks guys!

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