Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oldies but goodies.

Most of the people that had nothing much to do but to spend their time traveling and or just basically staying at home, are the seniors. I have so many friends who still take care of their mommas and papas. I really do admire those seniors who are leaving their life to the fullest.

First, i admire how they are still in good shape and how they take good care of their health. I do believe that maybe these people were health conscious when they were younger. That's why i so admire them a lot. These seniors who still have time to travel and express their love with their partners were just so admiring, I really hope that me and my husband would be just as sweet until the last days of our lives. LOL! Anyway, I also know that some of those people are also enjoying the internet. They too needs a lot of friends to share their greatest experiences and stuff like that. there's a site called seniorchatcity.com that any seniors would definitely enjoy, you can find a Senior Chat Room of course. This site offers them a chance to chat with other seniors,make friends, share experiences, they can even see each other through webcam. And the nicest thing about it is it's absolutely free of charge.

Does your grandpa looking for people who want to share about their experiences during the good old days. Then this is the place to be. You could check this one out.

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