Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to make money over and over (top secret)

I just came across a friend and help me to make more money than i thought but of course you have to work for it a for about an hour or two. but this method worked for me, the very first night i used it. But your have to maintain and work for at least an hour or two everyday and this is very simple method that i use and i really want to share to all the moms and dads who are working their a** off.

In my previous articles i already posted about other money making sites that i joined and I'm still earning from them! Well, here's a new method that you may want to see.

First you have to have your own paypal account of course. You cannot receive anything if you don't have it if you don't have it. Well, if you don't just click here:


Ok so let''s get down to business. Here's the 2 companies that gave an awesome amount of money and I'm very thankful for them:




just click any of those two and start earning right away. Ok, so how exactly will you earn from them?

here's how.

1. Join

Its a free classified ads that you can post your link so you will get traffic for your links, This site actually looks scammy to me, but that is not important, what is important is that people will click your ad no matter what! your ad will not just sit there and wait. it will be clicked!

2. You have to post your link every five minutes and you have to shorten your url, and chnage your title, every now and then so you can post as much as you want

you can shorten your url's with and

I really like linkbucks because i can create many shorten links.

3. There are still a lot of classified ads and forums that you can share your links and make money. And watch money pouring in to your paypal account.! so cool!

just give it a try!

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