Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zip Line experience.

Yesterday, we went to Tagaytay to celebrate my brother's 28th birthday(hey bro, sorry to mention your age lol!) HE treated us for a nice out of town trip. Although we only spent few hours at that place we had so much fun together.

By the way, It was so freakin COLD!!!!!! and to add more freeze to the temperature,, the wind just kept blowing and blowing. brrrrrrrrrr!. I thought i bought just enough jacket for my youngest, but he was still cold so i needed to cover up his whole body because he's still a baby.

My brother bought tickets for zip line. He really wanted to try it out. Hoestly, I really thought i wouldn't make it to the top. I kind of afraid at first but when i tried. Man, it was so cool. It's like flying fast! so fun! I asked my husband if we could go back again next time. hahaha!

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