Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Musicality runs in the family

I was very busy these past few days. I was always out to help Gwen( my eldest) with all her stuffs. My daughter had a chance to join her school program. She was too excited that she forgot some important things to tell me. Like paying for her costume, required white shoes and gloves and stuff like that. But all in all her performance was a blast. She danced with her classmates and they won the grand prize!

I am one proud mama. Even though i am so tired, I was very very happy and fulfilled. My daughter just love to sing and dance. Just like her parents( yep! me and hubby). I don't give too much pressure on her talents. I want her to know what are her strengths and weaknesses on her own.

My parents wasn't always around when i was young, because i was brought up by my grandparents. Most of my uncles and aunties has good singing voice and musicians. I knew i will be like them someday. So i know my daughter will know her own talent too with my guidance of course.
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Carnation said...

wow congrats!

Carnation said...

hi i've tagged you at rgrds

aybi said...

thanks! I'll check it out

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