Saturday, December 6, 2008

Want to hear real free music?

As a voice coach, I always make sure that i pass the real art of music to my students. It's not all about singing in front of people or playing their favorite music instruments.It's more than that, It's about the heart and mind that you put into it, The passion and knowledge.

I think music is one main reason why me and my husband ended up with each other. Both of us were former lead vocals of different bands. He's from a heavy rock band and I'm from a soft punk rock. I still keep our composed songs and hope someday it will be played locally and internationally.

I found this one amazing social networking site called Kerchoonz,
A site that pays artists whenever their music has been played or downloaded. Unsigned or signed artists, indie or major artists are all very much welcome. And another one thing that is so cool about them is that anyone can get paid by referring talented bands and other artist. It's an absolutely win win scenario.

Oh yeah and one more thing, It's free and legal music!So, just sign up, (it usually takes just few seconds) and you can now easily listen and download music without the guilt. This brand new music destination will definitely go a long way. Helping artists to show off their talents, Helping them to earn money, and helping the music industry against piracy. You could watch this video and see for yourself.




Sherer said...

Interesting site!

I love music - I used to be a music major in college myself back in my hey-day. Cheers thanks for the info


aybi said...

Thanks for dropping by Jesse! Music Rocks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cammie said...

wow, this sounds brilliant. I just signed up and want to say thanks for telling us about it! :0

Akhilesh said...

Amazing concept. great for musicians like dname!!

aybi said...

Hi Cammie and Akilesh, Thanks for visiting! yeah it is cool! Great opportunity to fresh artists!


I love this and am going to go check it out! I am excited so thanks for the tip.

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