Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun-filled experience with Santa.

When I was around 8 years old, one of my greatest wishes was that someday I will see the real Santa Claus face to face. Years passed but still no signs of Santa. Now that i have my own family I still am a fan of Santa.

Last night, while I was doing my daily routines. I came across CEIVA over the Internet and had a chance to sit on Santa's lap. Oh yes, you heard it right! I sat on Santa's lap and asked for a wish. It was so fun and I was totally surprised.

In the video, Santa and his elf was showing this unique digital photo frame from CEIVA. It was so cool! The frame can actually display pictures that were taken anywhere (your office, home, park, anywhere in the world!) in an instant. Without actually inserting the picture inside the frame.

How? Through a phone line. The frame can receive pictures and immediately displays it right away. I really think it's very convenient. You can actually display pictures even when your out. With just a mobile phone or computer. You can show off pictures of your kids to your family (even if they are miles away) within minutes.

I tried it by uploading this one of a kind picture of myself and within seconds it was in the picture frame. It was so fun! You can even join Got a Wish Sweeepstakes and win 500$!

One random entry is selected for each day of the contest and no purchase necessary. You just need to upload your own picture and must be a resident of the United states and or Washington DC.

I will definitely going to get one of these this Christmas.


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