Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last day of crying.

Today is the last day of my son's Daily shots. It was really hard for me every time i bring my son to the hospital, It's like He cries for help. Almost all of the nurses are telling me not to bring my baby back because it just breaks their hearts everytime he cries.

I felt relieved when the doctor finally said that Today will be his final shot and he will be OK, I just need to continue and religiously give him his medicine on time for 7 more days. I knew God is always listening to all of our prayers. And my husband is also happy for what happened. It costs us a lot, i mean everyday in the hospital? The bills, the medicine everything.

But nothing is more important than to see my kids up and well.

Tomorrow, my daughter and my husband will go to his Christmas Party and even though the party was supposed to be for the whole family. I guess it would be better if i will stay with my baby.

Happy holidays to everyone!

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