Thursday, July 10, 2008


I just gave birth to my new baby last March 9. I'm so blessed for having a new boy in my life. After 4 months of sleeping late and breastfeeding. I'm still fat! hahaha! But it's OK because my baby is just so cute. I just hope he got his father's nose.

At the first month, My eldest (daughter) started to get jealous and i know it's normal, But i never thought this would be so hard. I mean it's really harder than i imagined. Now i have to divide my attention to my daughter and my son and oh yeah my husband too. Waaaaah! It's like i'm always in the middle of everything. My daughter would always say "i have to leave you now mom, I'm already 5. I can live at grandma's house. you don't love me anymore." This line would end up in a long explanation. then i have to pamper her or read her story and stuff like that.

One time, my daughter tried to feed his baby brother not with one feeding bottle but with two bottles!!! at the same time!!!waaaaaah!!! but after this incident i became more careful, and i always make sure that i don't leave my children together.. alone. And i make sure that i watch my words with my daughter, She is more sensitive now. I love my children and I'll do anything for them. oh! and my husband too.

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