Friday, July 11, 2008


As i was doing my day to day reports and lessons, My screen saver started to appear, It was a slide show of all the pictures saved in my PC. Then i came across this picture it was taken last December 2007, but every time i get to see this picture, i always get the same feeling every time. Like it just happened yesterday.

It was Christmas holiday, And we got complimentary tickets to watch a crocodile show. I was still pregnant then. My brother wanted to go the bridge over the crocodile pool. I was excited so we all ran and went up the bridge. My imagination started to work, What if the bridge breaks down? what if we all fall? Will anybody survive? there are 15 medium to large size hungry crocodiles waiting to be fed!

and up to now this picture still creeps me. By the way those are my sister and brother's foot.

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