Wednesday, July 23, 2008

perfumes : reasonable price

When you really want a good smelling perfume.. Always remember, it’s never cheap!!
A good and lasting perfume always has a reasonable price or maybe unreasonable sometimes. But if you really want to check out good scents, that won’t cost you that much. Victoria Secret topped the lists. Why? Not too expensive,, but the fresh and playful scents brings out the best in you. Especially,vanilla lace which I believe maybe too sweet if you sprayed on too much. but would be very interesting if you sprayed on just enough..

The healing garden also has good set of scents. As well as Bath and body works. Now there are also body sprays for each perfume that you could try. Like Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. The perfume is 89$ but the body spray is only 35$. Not bad.

With love by Hillary duff and Pink sugar is also good too, both are under 50. J.Lo Live is not strong but has a lasting smell, MC by Mariah Carey has a soft pleasant smell, kind of expensive but also depends on the size, like if you want the big bottle that comes with the bath gel, lotion, and gift bag, etc, then be willing to shed the cash or just get the mid size bottle alone.

Also, Britney's Fantasy, Babyphat Goddess, and Paris )pink bottle new one) smells good. Not too expensive not exactly cheap either. Check out, perfumes there are suppose to be cheaper and they are brand name fragrances.

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