Thursday, June 19, 2008

My girl

My 5-year old daughter Arwen (yep, named after the lady elf in the movie lord of the rings) is definitely one cute and funny girl at a very young age.

She always makes everyone laugh with her silly questions. I can still remember when she was 3 and half. She is so curious in everything around her. And she always call me whenever she wanted to tell me something that she thinks she knows. like " mom, i know that ... that's swissers (scissors) . i know that too, that's toombrush(toothbrush) One time while we were watching TV, we heard a helicopter comin', She was so excited to tell me what it is, and i just can't wait what she's gonna say. She said " i know that!! i know that!! (her face full of excitement) then i asked her.. So , what do you called that ?? she answered me without any doubt!.. that's an elevator!!! i almost fell off the sofa. "No, honey think again.. it's something that you can see in the sky.. i replied

Ooh! oh! i know! i know!! It's an Airplane!!!
Oh well, she's right. don't want to argue.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha! pasaway!

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