Thursday, July 17, 2008

heath ledger, a great actor

yesterday, me and my husband went to the movies. I was kind of angry when my husband chose "the dark knight" over another movie that i wanna watch. My mind was already set to watch the other movie. So I'm not in the mood at all. I have nothing against dark night. I just want to watch something else that night.

But after the movie. I was so thankful that my husband insisted to watch it. I just want to share to everybody my opinion about this actor...." Heath Ledger".

I have to say that i am not a big fan of Mr. Ledger, I just thought he's just one of those actors. You know, the typical hunk. But last night he proved me wrong. I am so impressed with his acting. He played a Psychopathic that enjoys killing people not for money but for pleasure i guess. Based on the story he was physically beaten tortured and scarred by his father. that's why he turned out to be the joker.

There are scenes that i really enjoy. There was this scene when he suddenly entered the mob's secret meeting with an absurd laugh. And tried to win their attention by dressing up his coat with grenades. The scene where he wore a nurse uniform and put on a wig. Then he smiled and said "hi!" to Harvey Dent. I find that funny. And the scene where he was walking out of the hospital, i like that too.

Aaron Echart( Harvey Dent), Gary Oldman(Lt. Gordon, Maggie Gyllenhall, Morgan Freeman and of course Christian Bayle. These characters deliberately made this movie worth watching. But i have to say It was Heath Ledger that made this movie so interesting. The Joker was well established. You may agree or not. but that is just my opinion.
We'll sure gonna miss this brilliant actor. He's very young, same age as mine.

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