Monday, July 21, 2008

voice lessons: how to sing

even if i haven't teaching voice lessons for years already, I can still feel those days when everything was so fun and entertaining. I had my reasons why i left my job. But i surely missed it so much.

There are so many things that reminded me of those days. I really missed my friends, my colleagues and my students. I've always wanted to see them. Most of them are already successful with their chosen fields. I'm very happy for them. But there is also some things that i never forget. Like the lessons that are always in my heart. Well, let me see if i can still remember some of it.

1. Warm up. try to warm up your throat before you start singing, a proper vocal exercise will condition your throat, thus preventing any throat problems in the future.

2. relax yourself. don't stand like a robot or too stiff. don't keep your feet together, you don't want to look like you've just seen a ghost. Put your one foot forward further than the other. Either right or left foot is ok. Try to learn which side you're comfortable.

3. try to look for a focal point. or look for something that is in your eye level. Then try to focus on it for few seconds before your start singing. This will help you to be comfortable on stage or wherever your singing. especially if your singing in a large audience.

4. Inhale. Whenever you going to start a line of your song, remember to inhale and then exhale while you sing. This will give power to our voice and it can actually sustain your voice.

5. Modulate. Do not sing the first words of your song too loud. try to begin in soft voice then modulate. This will prepare the audience to the climax of your song which is usually in intense voice. and or high tones.

6. Move. Sway a little when your singing but don't overdo it, especially if it's a slow song. walk a little. Try not stay in just one place for a long time.

7. When reaching high notes try to inhale before you start singing the line. Try not to sing songs that are out of your voice range., Choosing the right song is very important. because it will display your real singing voice.

8. If you did everything but still nothing happens and there is no single difference. try dancing!

Some terms to remember:

1. flat - If the your pitch or tone is half step lower than the original pitch, then your pitch is flat.
Avoid being flat, especially when your singing the highest note of the song. This may be noticeable or not.

2. Sharp - If your pitch is half step higher than the original tone.

3. Tone deaf- Is when you cannot tell the difference of each notes. when you cannot distinguish the right tone, you're probably tone deaf.

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