Monday, January 26, 2009

Yes Man, Jim Carrey made me laugh so hard!

Yes Man (film)Image via WikipediaLast night, I went to out with my hubby. It's been a long time since we watched a movie, since we had a chance last night, why not grab it?! My husband and i really enjoys watching all sorts of movies, but nonsense movies of course.

I'm such a fan of Jim Carrey so I insisted that we watch "Yes Man", and so we did. The movie is about a guy who is always saying no to everything,stuck to his daily routines and zero love life, his broke up with his ex-wife was because he can't stand being committed.Until an old friend saw his situation and asked him to attend and join his group. It was the "yes" people. He tried to attend and follow the group by always saying yes to everything, every opportunity, every chance, everything. His life starts to shine and opportunity, happiness and love began pouring in. Until things came out of hand and It's up to him to choose if he will continue to say yes or no.

I love the part where he needed to stop a guy from jumping from a tall building. It was so hilarious! And because he need to say yes to everything he started to say yes to all the learning opportunities, such as flying a plane, speaking Korean, Playing guitar etc. Jim Carrey still uses his rubber-face in this movie, I'm not gonna tell where and when LOL! just watch it. I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to have a funny weekend!

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