Thursday, January 22, 2009

The occult blogger.

There was this topic in one of text books that I use for teaching, that whenever this topic was brought up, It's like a major subject.

And i like that. Because my students shared their opinions and thoughts about the matter. What is the topic? It's about the crop circles. One of mt oldest student, who is around 43 I think. Thought that this was just a complete joke from someone who wants to fool everyone. He explained that he saw this from the show "exposed". My younger students thought this is for real and they even showed me some proofs over the internet. I like it when my student express themselves freely, they sound very confident and smart. Well, there are smart.

There's like thousands of sites that are related to this matter. Here's a cool blog that shows that and a lot more it's called The Occult blogger. You should check this one out, very interesting.

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