Saturday, January 3, 2009

Super mom again!

Having a family is really fun and exciting, You get to be with your special love one, plus little blessings from above. But of course there are times that it's not always sunny. if you know what i mean. These past few weeks was a very very hectic week. I have been doing a lot of chores all by myself.

Well, It's not new but this time i don't have a housemaid to help me. My maid went home and already quit because she said that her husband wanted her to just stay at home because nobody is going to take care of her baby, oh well, I gotta let her go, She's been with us for two years now. It's going to be hard for me. But i guess i can do it. I've done this before I'll just have to do it again and get used to it.

This week my in-laws visited us, and that include my sister-in-laws,cousins, nieces,0 nephews etc. It was fun having them at home but also tiring. Kids just don't want to stop. Weather is really cold and windy so the kids just stayed inside. I had fun i just hope, i had more chance to cook. I love cooking but because I'm too busy. I didn't cook some of the dishes that i'm planning to cook. That's life!

Happy new year to all! Cheers!
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